Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Testimony of an SRA survivor...Please pray for her!!

My testimony of my life of coming thru SRA... it was written as my christian testimony but i am NOT trying to force my beliefs on anybody...

I was born to a poor family that frequented the streets. I was eventually placed up for adoption. However, in that process I became a victim of satanic ritualistic abuse. I do not know all that was done to me because I was a baby but - I do know I was dedicated as a bride of satan and I had blood rituals done around me. This was done to me by my foster family - and I happen to believe my birth family was involved too, although I have no idea.
I was finally adopted into a Spirit filled family and became a Christian on July 5,1993. I was asked by my mom if I wanted to get saved on the 4th of July but, I was demonized even from that young of an age and was angry and denied getting saved. That night, I had an encounter with the Lord and got saved the next morning. So began the battle.

Two years later I am visited by the spirit of anger and become overcome by it. It takes residence in me, as I did not know what it was.

When I turned 7, I recieved my call into ministry. The Lord gave me a vision of me standing in front of dark-skinned men and women and just beginning to preach and thousands upon hundreds of thousands getting saved, baptized in the Spirit, delivered, raised from the dead, and healed! At this same time, the war heated up. I began to see in the spirit and was being tortured by demons who would march around my bed and try and kill me. This continued for a year and I barely slept at all for year. I stayed up all night - prayed and warred against these demons.

I was also gaining ground with souls during this darkness. I would go to stores and resturants and I'd preach the Gospel to anybody around. Sometimes i got threatened but normally people would listen.

In elementary school during this time, I was threatened to be expelled for not worshipping trees- yes, that's right! The staff wanted the young students to WORSHIP trees! It was a new age even occultic school and I was tortured there immensely. I remember some aspects of abuse from there, but, still have yet to retrieved what happened. The school put me in counseling and on medicine at that age. The counseling was a set up and tried to make me fall into the occult - long story!

We moved shortly after this. When we arrived in the next area I was at, I began to experience the most intense battle of my life. When I turned 11, I got filled with Holy Ghost. Immediately afterwards, I was thurst into the frontline of a spiritual ruler battle. I was at a church and I asked the youth leader why we were not worshipping instead of playing games. She threw me against a wall, broke the wall, and began to speak death over me. She said I was not saved, God hated me and I was possessed by demons.

It was her "christian witchcraft" that threw into a whirlwind. Immediately, I went from encountering God's presence all the time - to doubting my salvation--->to questioning if anything was real (nihallism),---> to battling the principality of athiesm. I warred against this spirit for five years. During this time, I spent five to six hours a night on my bedroom floor crying out: God, am I saved? Am I going to hell? Is anything real? You are not real.

I called this the "heart-head" disconnect. I was in my dark night of my soul. My heart believed but, a demon (who, by the way, I saw a lot EVEN during this time) had his grip in my mind. I struggled against this for five years.

During this time, I went from being homeschooled to public high school - I had an okay time for the first month or so - but, after that, I began to be bullied tremendously!

My english teacher tried to force me to read a book that took Jesus' name in vain and cussed Him out. I said absolutely not. She began to manifest demons and freaked out on me. My whole class spread the news around that I was a "Jesus freak". Even though my mind was under assault, I stood up for truth.

The bullying started out innocent - gum on seats, water bottles being thrown at me, words being spoken - but, it heighten to death threats and people wanting to kill me for my walk with Jesus.

The bullying heighten so much so that by my junior year, the guidance counselor, whom I had gone to several a day for three years - she suggested I was crazy and was going to send me to an insane hospital because nobody has so much "bullying". My parents fought that. The guidance counselor eventually told me they were shocked I didn't go crazy and KILL everybody like those at colombine did.

The bullying got so bad I began to cut, self mutilate and developed an eating disorder.

By the end of my junior year, the Lord has broken into my mind and encountered me again with His presence BUT I was broken and desperate. A student had told me, do everybody a favor and just die!

Until then, I had never considered suicide but a couple days after my 17th birthday I attempted suicide. I wrestled with getting hit by a car. I decided against that. Instead, that afternoon I mixed a bunch of medicines and chemicals together. I ODed on meds and SHOULD have (by medical standards) died. I began to feel myself die or at least black out and the Lord said to me it is NOT supposed to end this way. I have a call for you. I began to cry and came back to my body.

I was as high as a kite for a while but, I was alive! My dad found out that amount of medicine and chemicals would have killed anybody - but I am ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus has overcome the grave and saved me from that horrible death! (I later had a MRI and I had a cross on my brain, engraved on it! It was amazing)

In 2008, I went to the revival in Florida and got completely overwhelmed in God's love and in 2009, the Lord told me to begin full time ministry.

It was in 2009 that I had two experiences in hell in which the Lord took me there in the spirit to experience His love for the unsaved AND His heart breaking over those IN hell.

2010 was a difficult year. I got set free from the anger spirit which had been my defense for years. Satan however, from the time I was a little girl, told me I was going to die by my 20th birthday. My 20th birthday was June 19, 2010 and I had a party. I was alive!

But, I find out the next month the amount of warfare in my life was nothing compared to what was going to happen from July 2010-Feb. 2011. I began getting visited in the flesh by satan and demons. They tortured me. I was "supposed to" according to the ritual marry satan in July 2010 but as I didn't satan, demons and powers began to rape me and molest me.... torture me in the flesh - they would come to me. It was the hardest 7 months of my lfie. If you want to know about that you may inbox me.

But, the Lord broke through! I am free and I am a testimony of His grace!!

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He is the Great Healer!